Meet the Game of Phones Offline Mini Pack

There are few things worse than realizing you don’t have cell phone service and can’t connect to the WiFi. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s definitely not much fun, especially when you can’t use your smartphone to play Game of Phones. 

However, we have a solution: Game of Phones, the hilarious and fun card game that uses your smartphone for the ultimate digital scavenger hunt, has an Offline Mini Pack. 

The Game of Phones Offline Mini Pack Is for Playing “Offline”

There’s no WiFi or data or special app required to play this pack (hence the “offline” part), so you can use it to play when you’re stuck in a dead zone, while out camping in the woods, while on a long flight, or while trying to conserve your own data (sorry, Mom!). 

The Offline Mini Pack ($10) comes with 50 cards that ask players to search through their phones for funny text messages, look through bad selfies or take new videos. It’s basically the same great game, minus the internet. However, once you are able reconnect your phone, you can add this deck to the original Game of Phones pack or store it away for the next time you’re logged off.

But, there’s more to come…

If you’re anything like us and play Game of Phones on the regular, you might be ready to mix things up a bit. Therefore, we’re adding three new Mini Packs for getting the most out of your game: the Animal Mini Pack, the Nostalgia Mini Pack and the Family Mini Pack.

If you’re obsessed with your pet (and who isn’t?) or like looking at funny animal photos, we’re betting you’ll want to get the Animal Mini Pack. 

For those who love combing through old Facebook photos and reminisce about culture from the past, the Nostalgia Mini Pack will certainly get you excited.

Nonetheless, the Family Mini Pack is all about celebrating (and laughing with) the ones you love (and the ones that annoy you to no end). 

And more good news: Game of Phones comes in a box made to hold additional Mini Packs like these for safe keeping. 

Get the original Game of Phones

If you’ve been reading this and thinking, what is Game of Phones? Let’s catch you up to speed. Game of Phones ($20) is a card game that uses your smartphone to share funny photos, call up old friends, search the internet for weird facts, laugh about silly memes and more. 

It’s like a digital scavenger hunt that is safe for the whole family. In fact, you can play this game with just about anyone — parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, classmates — as long as they have a phone.  

The game comes with two packs: the 100-card Starter Pack and the 50-card Classic Pack. Both will have you laughing uncontrollably on game night.

“Played this at a game night with some friends a few weeks ago and had so much fun, I immediately bought my own,” one Amazon customer wrote in a review. “The design of the game is super cute and it’s really easy to pick up and learn — we figured it out in a couple of minutes. I was worried at first about the cards that have you go into your photos and stuff, but there wasn’t anything risque about it, just silly (stuff like “find a picture in your camera roll with exactly six people in it”). Since things stayed pretty tame, I brought this with me to my parents' house and we'll likely play it sometime next week.”

We suggest starting with the original game and adding on Mini Packs from there, but if you’ll be playing in a space that offers little to no phone service, the Offline Mini Pack is your next best bet! 

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