The game for people who can't put down their phones


@Ash, IN

Having four teenagers it's sometimes hard to get them to engage in family activities. This has everyone around the table for hours!

@Ash, IN

@MovieMama, IL

Purchased this for a family Christmas party, knowing people of all ages had a phone that could be used. This was the best activity of the night.

@MovieMama, IL

@Kerry, AZ

Bought as gifts and had to go back and order more as I kept thinking of people who would like to play. I mean who isn't on their phone?

@Kerry, AZ


Get our second expansion pack from Breaking Games. This one is all about THINGS – with cards like "Find something that would be difficult to wrap as a gift" or "Take a photo of yourself modeling something you're wearing".


What is Game of Phones?
Game of Phones is a card game that works great for parties or family gatherings. It's easy, each round one person reads a card and everybody else finds the best and funniest response on their smartphone. 

Does everyone need a smartphone to play? 
You do. Sorry, phones are not included.

Is Game of Phones an app?
Nope! Game of Phones is a physical deck of cards.

Do you need to be a "techie" with all the "social medias" or have the latest smartphone to play?
Also, nope! Your grandmother and little brother might be the champions in this game.

What is the best age range to play Game of Phones?
We recommend 13+ so bring your siblings, parents, and grandparents to the Game of Phones party! There's nothing particularly inappropriate for younger players and, if preferred, cards can be removed from the deck without compromising gameplay.

What apps do I need on my phone to play?
No specific app is required.

Do you have other games?
We have expansion packs! Check them out above.

Where can I buy it?
You can buy it right here! You can also buy it in stores. See our list of retailers below.

How can I sell it in my store?
Give us a shout at!

I want to write an article or make a video about Game of Phones, who do I contact?
You can contact Sam and Luke at

How can I give feedback on the game?
Let us know what you think! Drop us a line at

How do I keep up with news or launches?
You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can also join our mailing list here.

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