The Ultimate Family Game Night Guide

Think about your current search history on your phone. The more bored you are, the longer and definitely more interesting the list. But, instead of using your phone to sit on the couch deep in a rabbit hole of facts while Netflix plays in the background, you could use it to throw a good old fashioned family game night. 

Well, not that old fashioned, because Game of Phones requires all screens to be out and unlocked. This is a new kind of family game night, the one you’ll want to play online with your friends and one that will absolutely have you all laughing until your stomach hurts. After all, nothing bonds people like laughing together, studies prove it. Especially family.

You don’t need a whole lot to get the night started, either. Here’s everything you need to have the ultimate family game night.

The Main Event: Game of Phones

Rather than asking your family members to put away technology, Game of Phones encourages you to keep all phones at the ready for completing fun challenges that will have you laughing through every round. It’s simple: The game starts with a deck of 150 card prompts that ask players to use their phones to go on a virtual scavenger hunt of sorts. Find pictures of ugly babies, take hilarious selfies, text random numbers or look up weird facts on the internet — these are just a few of our personal favorites. None of the prompts are overly difficult and are family-friendly; anyone with a cell phone can play.

Reward Players with Prizes

The best family game nights aren’t about who wins and who loses, it’s about having a good time. Still, prizes up the ante and if you keep them a surprise, all the better. Try rewarding winners with hilarious items like an ugly sweater, a homemade trophy constructed with candy straws, or a random framed photo of your Great Aunt Carol who had an affinity for dog sweatshirts (Carol, you’re a legend). The more random, the more funny. At the end of the night though, treat anyone empty handed to a keepsake so they too can relish the memory of family game night.

 Stock Up on Snacks

Most things are made better with food, and family game night is no exception. In the midst of sharing your favorite memes and creating emoji masterpieces (a few other Game of Phones prompts), you’ll want something to nosh on. We love the idea of a make-your-own pizza bar for the pre-game festivities or mac and cheese bites for popping between prompts. Keep in mind, snacks shouldn’t be overly messy (orange cheese dust doesn’t fare well on a phone screen, just sayin’).

Just Have Fun

The point of family game night is to bond and have fun. Game of Phones’ prompts can give you the chance to share with your family the memes that make you LOL on Instagram or the odd fact that recently left you shocked. On the other hand, it could also help you find new and interesting things shared by your loved ones through the prompts.

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