10 Gift Guides Game of Phones Was Listed In

Shopping for the perfect gift is no easy task. You first have to think of who you’re buying the gift for and then decide to get them something that they need or something that they want. Pro tip: Gifts you need are always appreciated, but gifts you want are way more fun. 

Game of Phones is one of the fun ones that can liven up game night and give your recipient a full-on belly laugh, no matter who they’re with (it’s family friendly) or how many times they’ve played. The only requirement is a smartphone.

It’s a great gift for your 13-year-old nephew who thinks everything is lame, your retired parents who recently started making new friends, your college roommate who appreciates a night in or your chatty co-worker who always asks you out to happy hour.

Don’t believe us? Take it from everyone else! The editors at Popsugar named it one of “2019’s hottest” for Christmas, while Real Simple dubbed it a present under $25 that still “feels special” for a family member. Other guides listed it as simply a top game to bring to game night. 

Check out all of the guides that Game of Phones was listed in that named it a great gift and game to play this year.

• 31 Gifts Under $25 That Still Feel Special by Real Simple

Gifts don’t have to cost a lot to be meaningful. Real Simple lists Game of Phones as a gift for a family member that will still keep your holiday budget in check.


• 105 Best Gifts for Teens That Don’t Suck – Teen-Approved Gift Ideas by Dodoburd

Teens are arguably one of the hardest age groups to shop for, partially because it can be hard to relate. But, Game of Phones is transcendent across age groups. Everyone will have fun playing!


• 100 Cool and Trendy Gifts For Teens That'll Make You Say "One For You, One For Me" by Popsugar

Game of Phones can be played by anyone with a phone, and for a lot of teens, that’s them. Get one for your teen and like Popsugar says, one for you as well.  

• 54 Best Gift Ideas for Teen Boys That We Promise They Won't Roll Their Eyes At by Country Living 

Again, teens are tough. Country Living lists Game of Phones as a game that will keep your guy laughing at his next friend hangout. 


• Gifts for teens and tweens on your 2020 holiday shopping list by Newsday

If your teen is going to be attached to their phone, they might as well make a game of it.


• Gift guide: The best gifts for mobile users by Trend Micro

This gift guide is for anyone with a mobile phone, and that’s a lot of people. Consider it as a gift that’s “crazy phun” for anyone.


The Absolute Coolest Stocking Stuffers For Tweens and Teens in 2020 by Popsugar

Game of Phones makes a great stocking stuffer that tweens and teens will love, according to Popsugar. 

• 24 Games to Play With Friends That Help Beat Boredom by Oprah Magazine

Rather than just looking at your phone when you’re bored, you can use it to play a game with your friends, according to this guide by Oprah Magazine.

• 20 Indoor Games To Chase Away the Winter Blues by Cafe Mom

If you live in an area that has cold winters, going out isn’t always the most fun idea. Cafe Mom suggests staying in for a game night and playing Game of Phones.

• Top games to make the perfect fun night at home by The Up Coming 

Skip another night in front of the television and host a family game night, even if you have to play over video chat. Game of Phones is one of those that can be played virtually amongst friends, as long as someone has the deck of cards.

In short, Game of Phones is loved by many and can be played by all. It’s the birthday or holiday gift that will have your tween, teen, adult friends and more looking up from their screens to bond and have fun. You can get your own Game of Phones for $20 at the Game of Phones website and start playing ASAP. 


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