Rules Section

How To Play Online

To play Game of Phones virtually you can use a pack you own, order one here (we’re still delivering!), or play with the digital deck above. 

  1. Assign one player to be the Host. They either bring their Game of Phones deck or use the digital deck and will be doing a few extra things to enable the game to work online.  
  2. With each player using a computer or tablet, get together in a remote ‘room’ using Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or any service that supports video calls. 
  3. The Host assigns an order to determine who will be ‘drawing’ a card each round, becoming the Influencer. We suggest the Host also writes this order down and keeps track of scores.
  4. Play Game of Phones as you would in real life (full rules here) with the following changes:
    • The Host reads each card prompt on behalf of whoever is the Influencer for that round.
    • When each player finds a response to a prompt, they announce to the group that they’re ready. When all players are ready, hold your phones up to the camera so the responses can be viewed. Alternatively, sending responses to a group chat works great for most cards.
    • For ‘Unfollow’ cards, verbally eliminate responses. For ‘Upgrade’ cards, a little extra creativity may be needed, but the bonus should be awarded no matter what.