At last, put your packed camera roll and long-forgotten apps to good use! Game of Phones is a smartphone party game great for siblings, teenagers, aunts and uncles, roommates, coworkers, or BFFs. As long as you can use a smartphone, you’re sure to love this fun family card game for yourself or as a gift.

But don’t take our word for it! Here are a few things people are saying about Game of Phones: 


5 star review
I got to play this at a party and fell in love with it. Brought it home and gave it as a gift to my son who is studying abroad with other students. He recently sent pictures of everybody playing it. It's their favorite pastime. Every player must have their own cell phone and find or create photos to answer questions and appeal to the taste of the judge. Very fun game. It's like a digital Apples to Apples.

5 star review
LOVE this game, played several times with my teenagers for hours. So much fun!
-Mrs. Love

4 start review
So far the best game I've bought from Amazon. Very popular, since we are all on our phones anyway and lots of laughs!
-Shauna W. 

5 star review
My daughter loved playing this at her 13th birthday party sleepover. The girls all loved it.
-Jolene Kroeger 

5 star review
I got this as a present and my friend loves it. It is a great ice-breaker to bring people together!

4 star review
This was a birthday gift for a 12-year-old granddaughter suggested by her mother. She was very pleased with the game and she and her sister were playing it as soon as it was opened.
-A. Dresser

5 star review
These days nearly everyone is on their smartphones... young and old. This was a fun way that they could still do that, but interact with each other in a super fun way!

5 star review
My teenage niece, her preteen sister and parents loved this game. It was interactive and competitive, as well as refreshing and creative. The judge had a lot of fun as well!

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