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Why Game of Phones Is the Best White Elephant Gift 

November 16, 2020

The rules may vary a bit for a white elephant gift exchange, but overall, the point is to give a gift that will pique everyone’s interest, and if you’re a little competitive, one that they’ll all be fighting over. Bonus points goes to whoever gets a gift that also makes people laugh!

Our recommendation: Game of Phones. While we may be biased, we think that as far as white elephant gifts go, this one was made for family and friend get-togethers around the holidays. It’s hilarious, fun, interesting and can be played by literally anyone with a smartphone. 

Game of Phones is a card game that’s like a digital scavenger hunt. The cards prompt players to use their phones to find pictures of ugly babies, reveal funny texts, take selfies and share weird memes found on the internet — and so much more. 

It’s incredibly easy to play. None of the cards are super hard and all are family-friendly, so you can play it with everyone, from your 13-year-old niece and grandparents to your college roommate and best friends to your boss and co-workers. Of course, this is what also makes it a great gift when you aren’t exactly sure who the recipient is, say like, in a white elephant gift exchange.

Take it from some of our customers who’ve gifted their friends and family Game of Phones and received a more than positive response:

  • “Cute game and perfect gift for a party exchange! I mean we all have phones!,” wrote one reviewer on Uncommon Goods.
  • “We played the game the day I gave it to my friend for Christmas. We had a great time. Definitely worth it,” wrote another.
  • “This was a birthday gift for a 12-year-old granddaughter suggested by her mother. She was very pleased with the game and she and her sister were playing it as soon as it was opened,” one reviewer wrote on our website
  • “I got to play this at a party and fell in love with it,” wrote another. ‘Brought it home and gave it as a gift to my son who is studying abroad with other students. He recently sent pictures of everybody playing it. It's their favorite pastime.”

And for gift exchanges with a spend limit, Game of Phones usually makes the cut. The whole game, which comes with 150 cards, will cost you only $20. If your limit is less than that, however, we also have four mini packs of 50 cards that are only $10 each. 

  1. The Offline Mini Pack: It’s the same game, minus the internet. The cards are made for when you can’t get online or use data, say on a plane or while camping, but still want to be entertained. 
  2. The Animal Mini Pack: If you can’t walk down the street without petting at least three dogs and always cry during that Sarah McClachlan SPCA commercial, then yep, this one is for you.
  3. The Nostalgia Pack: Do you post a #TBT photo to Instagram every Thursday, have a collection of vinyl records and wear Adidas Superstar sneakers? Awesome! You’ll love this pack.
  4. The Family Pack: This one is made for family game night and will bring you a lot closer to the ones you love. Afterall, nothing brings people together like non-stop laughing. 

We suggest starting with the OG version and adding on the mini packs as expansions, but of course, you can decide for yourself. All of these options make great gifts that your friends and family (or unknown white elephant gift exchange receiver) will have a blast playing.

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